Dazzling Dan is known as the Magic Man who has the ability to create magical entertainment that engages children and adults. Simultaneously.

Based in his home town of Geelong, Dazzling Dan performs full time, travelling all over Victoria, from Melbourne to Warrnambool, Ballarat to Horsham, Lorne to Nhill (and occasionally interstate); entertaining at just about every special occasion imaginable. Recently expanding his adult/corporate close-up illusion repertoire.

Dan’s career began in primary school as a class clown. His mother knew a retiring magician wanting to clean out this cupboard of tricks. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Dan to a more rewarding (and less annoying hobby). After developing a passion for magic Dan met a another working magician, who encouraged him to start doing shows for pocket money.

Since then, Dan has not only built a strong brand across Australia as “Dazzling Dan the Magic Man”, but he is also highly regarded as an innovator of original magic effects and methods. One of his magic tricks was flown to Japan to be considered by the international Tenyo Toy Company.

In 2017 Dazzling Dan is the first professional magician to be invited to perform in the Doug Tremlett Theatre at the Magic Manor.

In 2016 Dazzling Dan celebrated 20 years of performing to the public (although he had been performing 6 years prior, to family and friends).  2016 also saw the launch of “Dazzling Dan’s Offical Magic Wand”, an experiment in T-shirt designs, and an experiment in optical GHOST illusions. All developed in collaboration with his team of professional artists.

A few years ago, Dan was elected by some of Australia’s best professional magicians to the position Vice President of the Australian Institute of Magic, which co-ordinates the Melbourne Magic Festival. Dan is also a member and advocate of the Geelong Magic Circle, for which he coordinated a successful magic show (incorporating members of the club) as part of the Geelong Seniors Festival 2013, 2014, 2015.

Dazzling Dan’s comedy magic is a rich blend of imagination, visual magic and wit that plays on all levels. If you require magical entertainment at your next event, Dazzling Dan has different presentations to suit any age, and all situations.

What our customers say

“Very polished, quite a range of tricks in a short period of time!”

Anonymous Audience Member at “Magicians At Work” experimental magic performance.