Announcing the Magic Manor at Amaze N’ Things

Dazzling Dan was the first professional magician to be invited to perform in the Doug Tremlett Theatre; one of the experiences offered at the Magic Manor. During the Summer of 2017 Dan performed a solid 2 weeks, 5 shows a day, totalling an amazing 70 performances! …until he accidentally disappeared like the Amazing Karel! Who is […]

Special Needs and Birthday Parties

Being inclusive of all children has been a passion of mine as a teacher. This is why I was both devastated and inspired to write something, after hearing feedback Dan received at a party today. Hopefully my experience can reassure parents who may have the same fears when planning a birthday party for their child […]

Being allergy aware

On the weekend, I was fortunate to see my husband Dazzling Dan perform at two birthday parties, held at private homes. It was a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall and provide feedback about aspects of his birthday magic show which are unique to each setting. One thing that became quite obvious […]

20 Years of Magical Entertainment!

Dazzling Dan might have started playing with magic as a child over 25 years ago, but in the world of magic if your not performing to a live audience you are just kidding yourself. In 2016 Dazzling Dan performed a momentous “20 Year Show” for the students at Inverleigh Primary School, on Thursday 13th of October 2016…the exact […]

Corangamite Regional Library Tour

Winter Holidays, June-July 2016 In a whirlwind tour Dazzling Dan performed and taught magic at all 11 Corangamite Regional Libraries!!! There was magical storytelling, tuition and fun! Audiences of all ages participated in the show and learnt magic during Dan’s Pop-up Magic Club. Dan’s daughter’s Lily (5yrs) and Isabella (3yrs) were also part of the […]

Surprise Mention…!

When Dazzling Dan’s mum presented him with a unique gift, a knot tied in a bottle??? Dan had to meet the wizard responsible. Barry and Dan quickly struck up a rapport, bouncing ideas around, and it was wonderful to be mentioned in this piece. Read the whole article here.  

Dazzling Dan on Free-to-Air TV!

See Dazzling Dan on Pulse TV GEELONG, Channel 31. Screened 23-6-2015. Watch a few of the highlights below. Click on the above link to see Dazzling Dan perform the whole act.  

Grand Illusion – Dan makes a Steam Locomotive Appear!

Dazzling Dan makes a steam locomotive appear! Having just finished an evening family magic show on the Bellarine Railway, Dazzling Dan steps off at the Queenscliff Station to be greeted by TV celebrities Sarah Grace & Paul Moore. He performs some magic for his friends, but things escalate…    

Dazzling Dan makes the Geelong Christmas Tree Vanish

The new Christmas Tree in Geelong has got people talking, so Dazzling Dan decided to make it disappear. Just for fun. Share it with your friends. No editing, blue screen, or computer graphic, this video was recorded live!  


Talented Cr Darryn Lyons (Mayor of Greater City of Geelong), Dazzling Dan & Ryan Chamley (Creative Director, Robot Army Productions). Watch the exciting vignette focused on the rich culture and vibrant lifestyle of Geelong & The Bellarine. From the gold rush boom and the industrial peak to the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ tag, there’s a lot that’s […]