Special Needs and Birthday Parties

Being inclusive of all children has been a passion of mine as a teacher. This is why I was both devastated and inspired to write something, after hearing feedback Dan received at a party today. Hopefully my experience can reassure parents who may have the same fears when planning a birthday party for their child […]

Being allergy aware

On the weekend, I was fortunate to see my husband Dazzling Dan perform at two birthday parties, held at private homes. It was a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall and provide feedback about aspects of his birthday magic show which are unique to each setting. One thing that became quite obvious […]

20 Years of Magical Entertainment!

Dazzling Dan might have started playing with magic as a child over 25 years ago, but in the world of magic if your not performing to a live audience you are just kidding yourself. In 2016 Dazzling Dan performed a momentous “20 Year Show” for the students at Inverleigh Primary School, on Thursday 13th of October 2016…the exact […]