Dazzling Dan is known as the Magic Man who has the ability to create magical entertainment that engages children and adults. Simultaneously.

Based in his home town of Geelong, Dazzling Dan performs full time, travelling all over Victoria, from Melbourne to Warrnambool, Ballarat to Horsham, Lorne to Nhill (and occasionally interstate); entertaining at just about every special occasion imaginable. Recently expanding his adult/corporate close-up illusion repertoire.

Dan’s career began in primary school as a class clown. His mother knew a retiring magician wanting to clean out this cupboard of tricks. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Dan to a more rewarding (and less annoying hobby). After developing a passion for magic Dan met a another working magician, who encouraged him to start doing shows for pocket money.

Since then, Dan has not only built a strong brand across Australia as “Dazzling Dan the Magic Man”, but he is also highly regarded as an innovator of original magic effects and methods. One of his magic tricks was flown to Japan to be considered by the international Tenyo Toy Company.

2016 sees the launch of "Dazzling Dan’s Offical Magic Wand", an experiment in T-shirt designs, and an experiment in optical GHOST illusions. All developed in collaboration with his team of professional artists.

Recently, Dan was elected by some of Australia’s best professional magicians to the position Vice President of the Australian Institute of Magic, which co-ordinates the Melbourne Magic Festival. Dan is also a member and advocate of the Geelong Magic Circle, for which he coordinated a successful magic show (incorporating members of the club) as part of the Geelong Seniors Festival 2013, 2014, 2015.

Dazzling Dan’s comedy magic is a rich blend of imagination, visual magic and wit that plays on all levels. If you require magical entertainment at your next event, Dazzling Dan has different presentations to suit any age, and all situations.

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Dazzling Dan the Magic Man performs first class magic shows, combining cheeky comedy with unexpected surprises.

Children know Dazzling Dan the Magic Man for his colourful storytelling and enchanted show, while adults know ‘Dan’ for his quick wit and sleight of hand.

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1983 – A Star is Born

Dan is a chubby baby that loves hugs. Instead of crawling Dan rolls around, from one place to another. He learns to crawl at 8 months.


Dan is toddling at 13 months and wins a bonniest baby award.

1990 – Grade 1

Throughout primary school Dan enjoys playing practical jokes on friends and family. He is a class clown, excelling in drama.

In an attempt to steer Dan away from being a nuisance, he receives his first magic set for this 7th birthday.

Shortly after receiving his first tricks, Dan performs magic to his grade 1 class. A coin vanishes from a matchbox!

Dan’s mother hears of a magician in the family, who is moving overseas and must empty a cupboard of magic props. David Uprichard is an amazing magician and craftsman; having created and built many of his own props. That Christmas Dan received some advanced magic books and props, opening his mind to a world of thought, unlike what was taught at school.

Over the years that followed Dan received much of David’s collection of magic, first learning the simple tricks and gradually progressing to the professional props. Dan will always be grateful for the generosity of David Uprichard.

1991 – Grade 2

Dan receives a wooden magic box for his 8th birthday. Dan’s Pa built the box for Dan to store his magic tricks inside, under lock and key. Dan still uses this box today.

In September Dan performs his first structured magic show, at his brother’s birthday party.

1992 - 1994

Dan continues to collect show bags, full of plastic magic tricks and practical jokes, to fill his magic box.

1995 – Grade 6

Dan is elected by the Principle to be the male School Captain. The responsibility of reading announcements (in front of whole school assemblies) was to be the foundation of Dan’s public speaking power.

1996 - Year 7

At the age of thirteen, Dan’s mother enrols him in a theatrical summer school “Rhythm in Motion - In the Spotlight Theatrical Summer School”. There he meets magician Tim McPherson. Tim is impressed by Dan’s charisma and encourages him to start performing magic shows, as a means of pocket money.

Through the theatre school Dan meets Brad Dunn, an old primary school associate. Their interest in magic begins a healthy friendship; trying to outdo each other with crazy homemade magic tricks.

Daniel begins Year 7 at South Barwon Secondary College. In the school library he finds extremely advanced books on magic, which feed his thirst for magical secrets.

As Dan’s interest is clearly in theatre he enrols in a local theatrical school, “Gayle Burrills School of Entertainment”. Dan performs his first magic act on stage at the Term Three Concert.

Dan performs his first paid magic show at his cousin, Lauren Frew’s 7th Birthday.

“Gayle Burrill’s School of Entertainment” offers Dan the opportunity to appear amongst the ensemble of talent, at the Inverleigh School Fete, (13/10/96). This is followed by two acts at the Geelong Show with the same theatre school. These are Dan’s first public performances.

1997 – Year 8

Dan begins Year 8 at Grovedale Secondary College. As Grovedale Secondary College provides more arts subjects than the previous technical college, and as Brad also attends this school, it becomes a time of great creativity and development for Dan.

Dan attends his first magic lecture presented by the famous Los Vegas Magician and Illusionist, Jeff Hobson; who inspires Dan to be more dazzling.

Dan auditions for the Geelong Society of Operatic and Dramatic Art (G.S.O.D.A.) juniors. His breakout performance in the workshop concert (7/6/97) gets him accepted into the company.

During the G.S.O.D.A. Jrs. workshop, one of Dan’s mentors is Ed Dolister of Comic Genius Productions. When Dan learns that Ed hosts a radio program “Hyperdrive – the Best Disco in Town” he persuades Ed to let him perform a card trick over the radio (21/6/97). This becomes a regular gig for Dan who continues to develop original, disco themed tricks to perform to people, while they listen to their radio! Amazing!!!

Brad invites Dan to star in his Year 11 (Media) Communication Project. Dan creates an entire magic tv program and sets himself the challenge to find an original name and costume. Dan invites his auntie Mary Dawson (an impressive Australian poet) to develop a range of names to choose from. While slightly intimidating, “Dazzling Dan the Magic Man” was chosen as the most impressive choice. On the 27th of July 1997 "Dazzling Dan the Magic Man" makes his first appearance, starring in Brad’s Year 11 Communication Project, dressed in an original outfit. Dan’s mother had sown together a pair of happy-pants, as Dan wanted big pockets to carry around all his tricks. On the day of the shoot Dan had not found an appropriate top, so thought it would be novel to wear his pyjamas.

Dan and Brad join the Geelong Magic Society and perform along side the other members, in a live show, to raise money for the local Girl Guides, Geelong (29/8/97).

Dan performs his first fully produced magic show at Grovedale Secondary College (9/9/97), to raise money for his voyage to the Adelaide Magic Convention (South Australia). The show is a sell out (and students have to be turned away) thus with the principles permission, Dan is allowed to perform a second show, the following day.

Dan attends the Adelaide Magic Convention 3-5 October. There he rubs shoulders with some of the top Australian magicians, including a couple that are just blossoming, Matt Hollywood and Cosentino.

In the Group Contest Dan is given the challenge of making a silk vanish in his bare hands, while the other magicians reproduce it (and something else) from the clench of a prettily dressed Graham Etherington. Dan's group win first prize (probably due to Graham’s feminine outfit).

Fresh home from the convention, Dan makes his first paid appearance to the public at the Geelong Agricultural and Pastoral Society Show 1997.

Dan is invited to appear in the local newspaper (Geelong Advertiser) to promote the Geelong Show. “Dazzling Dan the Magic Man” appears for the first time in print, in the Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 14 October 1997.

Dan’s performance at the Geelong Show impresses Mr & Mrs Blacksell, who are the first people (non-related) to book Dan for a private magic show (8/11/97). "Thank you Mr and Mrs Blacksell for the opportunity."

Dan approaches Village Cinemas Geelong and proposes that on their cheap admission Tuesday (the busiest day of the week) they should employ him to perform magic for the consumers, while they wait in the long queues. Dan presents his roving style effects to Gerald Gardner (Village Cinemas Regional Manager) and gets the job! So while grandmas arrive thirty minutes early and sit outside the movie theatre with their grandchildren, Dan would stroll by and offer entertainment. This engagement continued for a couple of years until a second cinema opened in Geelong and the queues lessened.

1998 - Year 9

After performing two shows with the GSODA Jrs. Dan calls it quits. This shocks his fellow thespians and mentors, but Dan’s choice is simple. He can either send his weekends singing and dancing (talents not yet evident) or be performing paid magic shows. While his time with the company was brief, Dan will always appreciate the mentoring and experience gained from his involvement with GSODA Jrs; working with Debbie Fraser and all the Crew.

5th-8th June 1998: Dan attends the Sydney Magic Convention where he rubs shoulders with Australian magic royalty; Tim Ellis, Phil Cass, Tony Laffan and international guests, including Gene Anderson.

Dan performs four magic shows at the Geelong Show 1998 and is contacted shortly after by Dorothy Anderson, who had seen him performing. Dorothy’s grandfather (George Hawkins, a magician of Traralgon, Vic), has passed away and she wants to preset Dan with some of his collection (she also keeps some for her grandson). Dan is much appreciative.

1999 - Year 10

On new years day Dan and Brad are invited by Tim McPherson to help man a Freak Show at the Anglesea Fair. The backbreaking experience of erecting the tents and performing all day for little pay puts Dan off the carnie lifestyle.

Gerald Gardner (Village Cinemas Regional Manager) arranges the chance for Dan to perform at Village Cinemas Jam Factory (Chapel Street, South Yarra) during the summer holidays. While a great opportunity, the Jam Factory did not require a roving magician, as there were no queues. The queue at the ticket booth flowed fast and people would not sit around waiting for their cinema to open, they’d rather go shopping until the last minute. But the few nights performing magic at the Jam Factory were made worthwhile when two tennis stars (who are competing in the Australian Open) decide to duck out to watch a film. In the queue, towering over Dan, are Venus and Serena Williams. Dan walks straight up to them, performs a few tricks and in return they each give him their autograph! Dazzling Dan the Magic Man has performed magic to Venus and Serena Williams.


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