Does Dazzling Dan work weekends? Sunday? Public Holidays?


As a professional performer Dan performs at all hours, all year round. Celebrations are mostly held on weekends, public holidays and into the night, thus always in demand and do become booked out. As weekends and public holidays are professional performers main income times, performance rates will reflect this.

Where does Dan perform? What locations? Where will he travel?

SHORT ANSWER: Dazzling Dan is a professional magician based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Currently…he predominantly travels all over the state of Victoria, and occasionally interstate for major events.

Dazzling Dan services all around Port Philip Bay, The Surfcoast, The Great Ocean Road, The Otway’s, and the Goldfields. Dazzling Dan is the regional magician of Victoria’s Westside, entertaining Portland, Port Fairy & Warrnambool to Frankston & Hastings, Sea Lake, Elwood, Ballarat, Brighton, Bendigo, St Kilda, Ararat, Lorne, Nhill, Torquay, Apollo Bay…Dan can perform anywhere in Victoria. Based in Geelong, Dan easily services all of the Western Region of Victoria. No town is off the map under the starry southern cross. Melbourne is just a drive up the road and while Dan does not actively market to the state’s capital city, popular demand sees him regularly make the short drive up the road to entertain in Melbourne, its suburbs and surrounding regions. Dan has also flown to Sydney to perform, so anywhere in Australia, or the world, (or the universe) is welcome to enquire*.
*Travel fees charged accordingly.

Do we need to provide anything?

SHORT ANSWER: Just an audience.
Over 20years Dazzling Dan has developed a self-contained magic show, and provides a battery powered microphone system for every show, so everyone can hear (especially outdoors). More info’ for Festivals & Events

I hear Dazzling Dan is versatile, what does that mean?

SHORT ANSWER: Dazzling Dan is a professional and will work with you to make your event a success.
Magic is difficult to perform, and if anything goes wrong the magician can look silly. This can result in certain magicians turning into prima donnas when the weather changes or the performance area is not perfect.
Dazzling Dan loves magic, and just wants your guests to have a good time. He will adapt his magic act to suit your venue and if anything unpredictable happens he goes with the flow.
Since he began performing (over 20 years ago) Dan has performed his act in all sorts of challenging environments including; surrounded, outdoors, a rocking ferry over troubled waters, in the pub at 11pm, in prison (just visiting), testing children, a shaky steam-train, the general public, in gail winds, in the nightclub at 3am, in sideways rain (not preferred).
We can only wish your event goes off without a hitch, but if it does, rest assured you will not have to worry about keeping everyone entertained with Dazzling Dan.

Do you need a stage for your show? We are not sure where to have you perform?

SHORT ANSWER: A stage is not required for Dazzling Dan, but it does help at larger events.
Dazzling Dan’s stand-up magic show can be situated anywhere, where everyone can see. At private parties children sit on the ground. Adults tend to stand. If your guests are seated (meal provided) a platform stage is helpful for everyone to see and usually available at function venues.
It is best not to have Dan stand in front of a bright window as looking into the light silhouettes Dan and makes viewing extremely difficult for your guests.

When should I schedule Dazzling Dan to begin his magic show at my child’s birthday party?

If possible allow up to 30mins for children to arrive. If you are providing food, Dazzling Dan’s performance is a great chance to heat, prepare and plate food.

Is Dazzling Dan as good as Dynamo, David Blaine, Chris Angel (close-up street magicians) on TV?

SHORT ANSWER: Dazzling Dan is less creepy and can perform all his magic live.
“Every magician has a different style, I present my magic with a focus on engaging my audience in a fun way, with cheeky interaction and participation by audience members. I prefer entertainment, suspense and intrigue, over shock and awe like those mentioned.” Dazzling Dan

Where did Dazzling Dan learn magic?

Dan received his first magic set at the age of 6. He was a class clown and his mum wanted him to do something more constructive. He always had a flair for drama, so from a young age he trained and performed in theatre, film production and muliti-media. Learning tricks from books in the library Dan, began performing magic in public when he began high school. He also began attending magic clubs, conventions and lectures by international and world class magicians…all while still 12yrs old. In his current position as the vice-president of the Australian Institute of Magic, Dan now has a working relationship with top magicians all over the world.
Dan’s magic is a combination of the skills, knowledge and wisdom developed over 20 years of experience, performing and living in the world of magic.

Does Dazzling Dan perform Grand Illusions?

Currently Dan is developing illusions to make people appear and disappear, but big illusions take time to develop and implement. He occasionally features one or two in his theatre tours.
Dan does consult on illusions for theatre shows, dance concerts and short movies. If you need something specific please enquire, Dan may have something available already, or can create something to your requirements.

What is the best way to contact Dan?

For general enquires an email can be sent through the“Contact Dan” button. It prompts you for relevant booking information including date and location, so we can check Dan’s availability and provide an accurate quote.
If you have a specific enquiry please call Dan’s mobile 0417 165 408, between 8:00am & 8:00pm. Dan will answer unless performing a show, in which you will be diverted to his lovely wife Lisa who usually knows more about where Dan is performing than he does.

If you need to send any correspondence the old fashioned way, post it to:

Dazzling Productions, PO Box 3004, Waurn Ponds VIC 3216, Australia