Learn Magic

You are interested in learning some magic tricks? Fantastic! Dazzling Dan is currently running his new Magic Connections Course in Geelong (ages 6yrs-16yrs); during Term 4, 2017. Visit Magic Connections to find out course dates.

Dan is currently not running private tuition (other than professional consultancy), but you can learn a lot from the tricks he has hand picked to sell to budding magicians. Visit Dazzling Dan’s online MAGIC SHOP.

Dazzling Dan also conducts magic workshops as part of vacation care programs and holiday promotions. Visit Dazzling Dan’s Upcoming Public Performances to see where Dan is appearing next and if any workshops are planned.

What our customers say

Thank you for such a fun show yesterday, you absolutely made Clementine’s day! She had the best time and the kids (and parents!) all thought you were great!

Therese (Clementine’s Mum)