Dazzling Dan has developed a live online magic show where the guests not only watch but are included in the magic. The birthday person will choose what magic Dazzling Dan performs, and by the end of the show will have the ability to be a magician, predicting the future! Your guests will enjoy eye-popping magic performed live, and also be invited to create magic in their own hands. Dazzling Dan will read minds, predict spectators’ decisions, find the selected playing card and magically change objects in your own home!

Dan will schedule a 1hr Zoom Magic meeting, allowing 5mins at the start for the guests to login and chat, and 10mins after the show to sing Happy Birthday and share birthday messages.

Running a Virtual Birthday Party

Option 1. Dan can schedule the Zoom magic meeting with his account, which enables a longer meeting and up to 100 attendees. After the magic show Dan can transfer the host role, so you can continue the party after Dan has finished (subject to availability).

Option 2. You can host your own Virtual Party on a platform of your choice, which Dazzling Dan then joins as a guest. You would schedule the guests to login before the show to meet and socialise, then Dazzling Dan would join the party and present his magic show. Dan will sign out after the show concludes, and you can continue the party.

Administrator Required. For large ONLINE gatherings Dan employs an assistant to administrator “behind the scenes”, as once the show starts Dan cannot assist attendees (e.g. if they are having issues, stuck in the waiting room, or posting chat messages that need attention).

Having a dedicated administrator ensures an uninterrupted magic show, and a more enjoyable experience for everyone. If you decide Option 2. (host the party yourself) then the host should be logged in and dedicated to administering the session, otherwise we would recommend you make Dan the host/administrator for the duration of the magic show.

For more information about Dazzling Dan’s birthday parties and what they include please visit the suitable birthday parties page…

What our customers say

He (Arthur) is very insistent that Dan the magic man comes again ‘cause he does magic and stuff and makes a bird disappear. I thought that maybe 3 years in a row was getting a bit monotonous…but not for him!

Natalie (Arthur’s Mum)