Dazzling Dan’s Magic Kit


Dazzling Dan has curated the perfect magic gift!

Dazzling Dan has specially selected tricks that are easy to learn and perform, allowing the budding magician to focus on their performance and have fun!

Every budding magician needs a Magic Wand and a Pack of Cards and Dazzling Dan teaches magic tricks to perform with those props!

Also included in the magic kit is the Magic Snapper, Dan’s favourite trick, where only the magician can hook the rubber-band. This puzzle is a great lesson for beginner magicians, as it teaches that to be a great trickster, you need to be a good actor.

Dazzling Dan has also included a very funny and confusing trick. The Amazing In & Out Boxes. You open a red box and remove a black box from inside it. Next you open the black box and proceed to put the red box (the bigger box?) inside the black box…? This is very simple to do, a bit quirky and very confusing.

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6 Magic Props, with instructions for 11 tricks!
Included in the gift set is…

Dazzling Dan™ Magic Wand Package: Includes instruction scroll & online video tutorials to learn 5 tricks with your magic wand.

Dazzling Dan™ Deck of Playing Cards: Includes instruction card for 2 tricks

Magic Coin Case: Make a coin appear and disappear!

Follow the Card: A transforming card trick, with special cards. Ask your audience to follow the odd card, they think they know where it is but…

Amazing In & Out Boxes: Put a big box inside a little box, a mathematical paradox…?

Magic Snapper: Dan’s favourite puzzle, only you can hook the rubber-band, when you know the secret.