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Dazzling Dan!

Magic Promotion Kit

Dazzling Dan can enhance your marketing and promotions.

1. Advertise Dazzling Dan will be at your event!
When promoting your event, remember to mention “Dazzling Dan” and avoid using generic terms like magician.
Dazzling Dan has strong brand awareness. Using “Dazzling Dan” can potentially attract more people than using generic terms. You may also consider “Dazzling Dan the Magic Man” or “The Dazzling Dan Magic Show”.

2. Let us promote your event too!
If you provide your marketing images and links, we can cross-promote your event on our social media and Upcoming Performance Page.

3. Make your advertising MAGIC!
Dazzling Dan has begun making magic videos to promote events he appears at. If you have any requests Dan would be happy to experiment. Dan can perform magic themed to match your event, or do you have something iconic at your event Dan might make disappear? These videos can be recorded and distributed before, during or after your event.

4. Include Dazzling Dan in your media mix.
Is the local newspaper doing an article about your upcoming event? Invite Dan to appear in the photo performing a visual magic trick on location. How about a magic trick over the radio? The possibility are endless with Dazzling Dan.

See Dan's media page for inspiration.

If you have any questions or ideas to discuss, do not hesitate to contact Dan.


You might like to include the following text copy in your website, social media, blog, radio advertising, or anywhere else in your marketing mix.
PLEASE NOTE: The copy provided is for FAMILY EVENTS. Please contact Dan if you require copy for a different demographic.

Dazzling Dan

Dazzling Dan the Magic Man

The Dazzling Dan Magic Show

Special guest Dazzling Dan

A magical experience the whole family will enjoy.

The Dazzling Dan Magic Show includes cheeky comedy magic and storytelling, that engages and mesmerises all ages.

Dazzling Dan’s career began in primary school as a class clown. His mother knew a retiring magician wanting to clean out this cupboard of tricks. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Dan to a more rewarding (and less annoying hobby). After developing a passion for magic Dan met a professional magician, who encouraged him to start doing shows for pocket money. Since then Dazzling Dan has built a strong reputation for his amazing ability to entertain children of all ages simultaneously. Magic is not just for children, the show is full of magic and subtle humour which adults appreciate. Fun for the whole family!


Please feel free to use Artwork attached to this Promotion Kit for your website, social media or blog.


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Booking Dazzling Dan can enhance your event and boost promotions with magical marketing opportunities.

Please CONTACT Dan to confirm his AVAILABILITY and get an accurate QUOTE for your location.