Magic for Adults

Create an amazing atmosphere from the moment your guests arrive, by igniting their imagination.

Invite Dazzling Dan to share his art of magic, with astonishing visual illusions up close, or with bigger presentations to entertain a crowd.

Dan is versatile and will accommodate your requests, with the unique ability to perform in all sorts of settings.

Close-up Illusion – Roving Magic

Dan strolls among your guests and performs magic right under their nose! Coins vanish and playing cards change in their hands! Your guests not only watch, but are part of the magic! This presentation is great for business functions, dinner events, or as an ice-breaker when your guests arrive.

Comedy Show - Stand-Up Magic

The magic show provides cheeky entertainment, where Dazzling Dan pulls your guests out of the audience to read their minds, make their money multiply and cause a live dove to vanish!

Dan’s magic show does not require a real stage, but the presentation is such that the audience is gathered to watch (seated or standing). The show can range 30 to 45 minutes depending on your requirements.

Longer Visits

Booking Dazzling Dan by the hour, provides the opportunity to combine shows with roving, to fit your schedule.
For example, you may require 30mins of roving magic, followed by a 30min magic show. Dazzling Dan will tailor his magic to correspond with any formalities (speeches, meals, etc.) and can transition from roving to his show in a matter of seconds.

A Show for Every Occasion

Dazzling Dan the Magic Man adds excitement and pizzazz to all kinds of events, including:

The prestige and buzz Dan creates with his miraculous presentations will leave your guests with magical memories that resonate...long after your event.