Magic for Children

Dazzling Dan has been entertaining children with the spellbinding art of magic for over 20 years.

You not only get Dan's skills as a magician, but also his ability to keep children engaged and entertained! Interactive entertainment, colour, energy and cheeky storytelling are woven into Dazzling Dan's Comedy Magic and each show is designed to suit the individual interests and needs of different groups.

Dazzling Dan has build a strong reputation for his amazing ability to entertain children of all ages simultaneously.

Children are invited to assist in the magic show, performing magic in their own hands! It is an empowering experience they never forget. This also makes Dazzling Dan one of the most celebrated Family Entertainers in the region, for it is a wonderful experience to share the children's delight with their family watching (magic is not just for children; secretly the adults love watching from the back of the audience too).

Magic Wands, Toy Magic Tricks and Balloon Sculptures are also available as souvenirs of Dan’s visit.

What is your special occasion?