Magic Consulting

Dan can provide his magical knowledge to make your next production magic!

  • Film, TV, Multi-media and Marketing
  • Theatre
  • Product Launches

An experience multimedia creative producer Dan will guide you through your options regarding live-action magic effects. Dazzling Dan can create new illusions, train actors, and either source, hire, build or buy magic props and illusions.

Creative Producer

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A list of Dan's past projects!

Learn Magic

You are interested in learning some magic tricks? Fantastic!
Currently Dan is not running private tuition, but you can learn a lot from the tricks he has hand picked to sell to budding magicians.
Visit Dazzling Dan's online MAGIC SHOP.

Dazzling Dan also conducts magic workshops as part of vacation care programs and holiday promotions.
Visit Dazzling Dan's Upcoming Public Performances to see where Dan is appearing next and if any workshops are planned.

If you want to buy magic props, a list of reputable magic shops in Australia can be found on the Australian Institute of Magic's Website.

Remember that buying magic props is an expensive exercise, as you pay a premium to learn the secret. Many magic books (and perhaps DVDs) can be found at your local library, which include tricks you can make with household items. YouTube is another place to see magic explained, but I have a few reservations about YouTube (and digital downloads) being the only source of magical learning.

If you want to learn how to perform & entertain with magic, I recommend you browse The Australian Institute of Magic’s Website. It lists, magic clubs and events where you can discover and develop your magic with like-minded folk.

FYI: Dazzling Dan is currently the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Magic, so if you have any magic industry related enquiries, feel free to contact me.