Magic Shows

The Comedy Magic Show is a great way to gather a crowd before speeches, or entertain families while they relax and enjoy a snack. Dazzling Dan produces a live dove and invites members of the audience to participate in the magic. Dazzling Dan can perform a “feature act” (30min-45min in length), or provide shorter performances (5min-20min) to entertain between bands setting up (perhaps you need a magical MC?). Shorter performances can be scheduled in conjunction with Close-up Illusion (roving magic).

If your event cannot provide a stage, Dazzling Dan will adapt his magic show to suit. All you need to provide is an audience, and a place for them to gathered (standing, seated, or on the grass). Dan can also provide his own microphone system.

Roving Magic

Close-up Illusion is where Dan roves among the crowd and performs magic right under their nose! Coins vanish and playing cards change in their hands! The spectators not only watch, but are part of the magic! This presentation is a great way to spread Dan’s magical entertainment throughout your festival, or during an event where many activities are happening at once.

Festival Package

Booking Dazzling Dan by the hour, provides the opportunity to combine magic shows with roving close-up illusion and schedule it to fit your program. For example, you may require 30mins of roving, followed by a 30min show, or multiple shows with roving in between. Arrange Dazzling Dan to rove between key locations to create interest at those locations, and while performing close-up illusion Dan can promote the start time of his stage show (and any other key attractions).

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See how booking Dazzling Dan can enhance your event and boost promotions with magical marketing opportunities.

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Over the past 20 years Dazzling Dan has added excitement and pizzazz to all kinds of events, including:

  • Festivals & Fetes
  • Exhibitions & Fairs
  • Pastoral & Agricultural Shows
  • Horse Races
  • Trade Shows
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sales Promotions & Grand Openings
  • Open Days
  • Social Clubs
  • Music/Dance Festivals

What our customers say

He (Arthur) is very insistent that Dan the magic man comes again ‘cause he does magic and stuff and makes a bird disappear. I thought that maybe 3 years in a row was getting a bit monotonous…but not for him!

Natalie (Arthur’s Mum)