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ZONE 1. Geelong region (where Dan is located), including Batesford, Fyansford, Gnarwarre, Moriac, Freshwater Creek, Mount Duneed, Armstrong Creek, Charlemont, Corio, Lovely Banks

  • Online Magic Show
  • $255
  • 45min
    • Features
    • Dazzling Dan
    • Live & Interactive Comedy Magic Show
    • Casa the Dove
    • Zoom Party: Up to 100 attendees
    • Dan hosts the party, schedules the meeting and provides the link
    • Birthday Child Receives (via post)
    • Magic Wand
    • Magic Birthday Card
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  • Marvellous Magic
  • $255
  • 45min
    • Features
    • Dazzling Dan
    • Comedy Magic Show
    • Casa the Escaping Dove
    • Downloadable Invitation
    • Birthday Child Receives
    • Personalised Birthday Card
    • Magic Wand
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  • Plentiful Party
  • $300
  • 70min
    • Features
    • Everything in the marvellous magic package plus...
    • Each Child Receives
    • Magic Wand
    • Balloon Sculpture
    • Cost (up to 15 children) - Cost per additional child is $5
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Would you like to know more?


Dazzling Dan has developed a live online magic show where the children not only watch but are included in the magic. The birthday child will choose what magic Dazzling Dan performs, and by the end of the show will have the ability to be a magician, predicting the future! Your guests will enjoy eye-popping magic performed live, and also be invited to create magic in their own hands. Dazzling Dan will read minds, predict spectators’ decisions, find the selected playing card and magically change objects in your own home!

Dan will schedule a 1hr Zoom meeting, allowing 5mins at the start for the guests to login and chat, and 10mins after the show to sing Happy Birthday and share birthday messages.


In the Marvellous Magic Show Dazzling Dan produces a live dove and invites the birthday child to assist (be it at a COVID-safe distance). As it is their special day, they are invited to wave the magic wand and perform the magic tricks in their own hands! Before they realise it they are the star of the show! Dazzling Dan has enchanted the most shy birthday children to participate, and has a range of techniques to include them in the show.

A customised birthday card is magically printed and at some point in the show every child is involved, participating in the magic and patting Casa the Great Escaping Dove. Any number of children can attend the Marvellous Magic Show and the price is fixed. This is a great option if the entire class attends (restrictions permitting).

The entire show is 45 minutes and at the end of the show the birthday child is presented with the Magic Wand and Birthday Card to keep.


Every child receives a MAGIC WAND and a BALLOON SCULPTURE!

Following the MARVELLOUS MAGIC SHOW (as described above) Dazzling Dan demonstrates a magic trick with a toy magic wand, which every child receives. These terrific party favours can be added to your loot bags, or distributed at the end of the party.
Children then choose their own Balloon Sculpture which Dan creates before their eyes, including Poodles, Monkeys, Rabbits, Swords, Flowers, etc…A great way to extend Dan’s visit and keep the children entertained longer.
FYI: Dan uses a ballon pump, not his mouth. 😉

What our customers say

Dear Dan, I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful performance today for Lachlan’s party. The look on his face today during some of the tricks was just so priceless. There were so many comments made by the adults at the party about how much they enjoyed your performance too. Lachlan has already stated that if his birthday is on a weekend next year that he would like you to appear again! Thanks again.

Rachael (Lachlan’s Mum)
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