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ZONE 1. Geelong region (where Dan is located), including Batesford, Fyansford, Gnarwarre, Moriac, Freshwater Creek, Mount Duneed, Armstrong Creek, Charlemont, Corio, Lovely Banks

  • Weekday Magic Show
  • $270
  • 45mins
    • Features
    • Dazzling Dan
    • Comedy Magic Show
    • Casa the Escaping Dove
    • Optional Extras
    • Balloon Sculptures $1 per child
    • Magic Wands $2 per child
    • Additional Magic Shows (same day, same location, different groups) $200 each consecutive show
    • Additional Magic Shows (same day, another group at different location within the region; approx. 40km) $265 each consecutive show
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  • Magic Workshop
  • $195
  • 45mins
    • Dazzling Dan teaches students how to construct and perform a magic trick
    • All materials provided
    • Cost (up to 30 students) - Cost per additional child is $3
    • The Workshop must be booked in conjunction with the magic show to receive the special rate quoted.
    • To book a Workshop only (not in conjunction with a magic show), the fee would be that of the magic show.
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  • Weekday Close-up Illusion
  • $295
  • 1hr
    • Features
    • Dazzling Dan
    • Combination of Roving Magic & Comedy Magic Shows as required
    • Additional Hours
    • $100 each consecutive hour (or $25 per quarter-hour)
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In the show Dazzling Dan produces a live dove and invites the children to participate in the magic. Dan tells magical stories of cheeky animals and the children are encourage to interact and share their ideas. It is mysterious and mentally stimulating fun! Every child participates, saying magic words and patting Casa the Great Escaping Dove, before he disappears.

The entire magic show is 45 minutes in length and the price is fixed, so any number of children can attend!


Following the magic show Dazzling Dan can conduct magic workshops.
Students construct and learn how to perform their very own magic trick to take home. Workshops are 45mins in length and designed for a maximum of 30 students (but more students can be added). All materials provided!

Dazzling Dan’s magic shows and workshops have been developed in collaboration with an experienced primary school teacher.


Balloon Sculptures are an optional extra and a great way to provide all children with something to play with and take home. Following the show the children sit in a circle and watch Dan twist their very own Balloon Sculpture, including Dogs, Cats, Flowers, Monkeys, Mice, Rabbits, Flowers, etc… Dan continues to entertain by sharing facts and telling silly stories about the animals being twisted. Watching the Balloon Sculptures being made the children explore the artistic world of creativity and imaginative play.


Magic Wands are an optional extra and a great memento for the children. These can be distributed after the magic show, or provided to give out at the end of the day. Dan can also teach the children a magic trick to perform with their magic wand.

What our customers say

Thank you for such a fun show yesterday, you absolutely made Clementine’s day! She had the best time and the kids (and parents!) all thought you were great!

Therese (Clementine’s Mum)