Team Building Workshop

Guests form groups and learn a magic trick each

  • Dan hosts a show in which all your guests perform
  • Prizes are awarded
  • The theme can be adapted to your conference

Past clients include…

  • L’Oréal – Head Office Training
  • Barwon Paediatric Services – Conference

“Dazzling Dan – the name says it all! Dan has all the magic tricks…and does them in a wonderfully understated and humorous way. He is great fun to have at corporate functions and ever so patient as he teaches you some of his magic arts to perform yourself.”

Dr David Fuller. Divisional Medical Director, Director of Paediatric Education

Close-up Illusion

Want an icebreaker as your guests arrive?

Wish to energise your seminar with stimulating entertainment during a recess?

  • Dan strolls among your guests and performs magic up close.
  • Coins vanish and playing cards change in their hands!
  • Your guests not only watch, but are part of the magic.

Comedy Magic Show

Dazzling Dan invites your VIPs out of the audience to read their minds, make their money disappear and assist with vanishing a live dove! The performance can range 5min-45mins.

  • Charming and professional
  • Interactive and team building
  • A magical experience your guests will remember

The different services listed can be combined into one package.

What our customers say

Thank you very much again for Sunday. When we arrived at school yesterday morning and Joshy’s teacher asked him about the party, he didn’t get a chance to tell her anything as the other kids were telling her how cool it was, and telling her all about your different tricks. One of them said it was ‘the best party he’d ever been too’ and a number of the parents told me that their kids now want to be magicians when they grow up! Fantastic day.

Bre (Joshy’s Mum)