Outdoor parties are always great fun! The pleasant vibes in the sun and fresh air cannot be replicated.

For a successful outdoor magic show please consider the children and party guests comfort.

Winter Parties: Consider a place and time that ensures everyone can stay dry and warm.

Summer Parties: Remember sunscreen and water.

Sometimes parents arrange an undercover space to entertain, under a veranda, marquee, or tree. Shelter is not required, but providing your guests shade from the sun is a good idea; also if it rains the magic show will not be interrupted.

If there is no shelter available and we get caught by an unexpected shower, the only causality is my cardboard playing cards. Hopefully it is good weather, but it is good to have a backup plan if it looks like we might need to move indoors.

I have a magic show suitable for an outdoor performance, and bring everything necessary, including a battery operated microphone system.

Laying out a picnic rug not only encourages the children to sit together, it also supports children with grass allergies, or sensitivities to sitting on the grass. As this simple inclusion aides and encourages more children to participate, I now carry a large picnic rug to every show; so that is covered!

During Winter, Dazzling Dan will perform outdoors until a storm arrives, but will pause and move the show to an undercover area if…

  • The rain gets too heavy (soaking wet).
  • The wind is blowing props off his table (even the best marquees, and undercover areas cannot stop wind and rain coming in sideways).
  • Extreme cold, remember the children will be sitting (mesmerised) for the majority of the show so they can get cold. Dazzling Dan’s hands don’t conjure well when numb…he knows from experience, performing in all conditions.